That's the name of my click we out here to make a killing soon. youll soon see guys. any who whats up im only updating cause someone asked imma keep it short but alot has happened since the last blog i sent. i met new ppl made new friends. im finally about to venture off into this thing called success and cant wait to get there. gimme a minute for a full update new tracks will be posted soon.


Its Been A Long Time, Shouldnt Of Left'd You

Blog spot man its been a long time. April i think right? Man its been crazy hectic lately. but I'm going to try to put it all out here. Whelp , my birthday past and i never said anything to my bloggers. so happy belated birthday to me. I've been working hard as hell y'all i just got a new job offer to shift manage a Game spot at the mall closest to my house. 11.00/hr is not bad at all for me. I've also been writing, i need to write a little more though. i don't know whats the deal as far as the Sole Men Project w/ Jay Adams , but hopefully it falls through. Something Different keeps getting pushed back because of my personal life. And i cant let that interfere with my goals in life so i gotta get back on my rapper tip.

The last two months have been different. Lol I've been getting alot of attention and at of credit for my rapping abilities since I've been passing out the Demo Cd. The Beginning is letting people know I'm not tying to be a Ring tone Rapper or just make catchy songs. But tell stories, talk about real shit that people go through or do. Just having fun with it and hopefully making money of something i enjoy is the goal.

One thing i wont really go into is something i wanna fix that's been going since March. it hasn't always been ad but i do know the problem but i can only fix it if I'm allowed. i cant make decision that aren't in my control. i just can follow whatever tracks you lay. any who imma end there hopefully i blog more often!

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